Photo tip time
Heres some of my tricks you may dig
Photo 1 of Kelly LeeRittenberg is one of my favorites I didnt have access to neon lights so what you see here is actually just a picture on my tv she just posted in front of it in order to get a convincing glow I lit her with diffused basic lightbulbs so the tv was the more powerful light .
2 my dear Ashley Hanna the background is just gold serving trays you would put candy in for a kids party.
3. This shot was lit with 2 flashlights . The main light is coming through some candle holder I found that's where the pattern comes from light 2 is just adding color
4 this shot of Cybill Troy well theres far more going on here than I can explain but the starlight effect you see is just vaseline on the lens . Dont put directly on your lens put it on a polarising filter they're basically useless anyway
Have fun #thousanddollarphotoshootfor$5

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