Photo tip
Ok so lets explain
Ooh ok this is tough ,
The background is 2 insulation boards you can get at home depot with a white background behind them . You light the white not the black
. Her hair is .. Idk sticks we got from daiso with hair extensions , the black liquid is liquid latex . .
None of that matters
Damage dolly has one of the most extreme cases of chrons disease there is. The feathers are hiding her colostomy bag , her breasts were removed , her vagina and colon prolapse so they were both sewn shut . She was a living doll yet I have never met someone more positive and just a joy to be around . I loved this girl tho she didn't trust the world at all .. but she really wanted to.
Man her desire to see the world through rose colored glasses was fucking amazing . I dont know anyone with her strength.

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