Ok photo tip
So my love Alexis Baze came over to hang out we decided to shoot something . So this is not simple this is 5 lights
We call this hero lighting .
There is one top light illuminating her crown
The backlight is called a snoot . You can make one out of cinefoil but I suggest buying one .
The main lights that make this special are the 2 lights coming in from the side they are called rim lights .
And the front is one big soft box way up high tilted down . That creates the shadow under her neck . And that's what chisels her cheekbones
I wish I could go into more detail but it's math angles and I'm no good at that you just gotta see it .
The key to light reflection is setting lights at a broad V the light hits your subject then bounces off into your lens which is what makes them white they are not illumination the are reflection . It's like skipping stones in a lake the wrong angle and the stone sinks the correct angle it bounces . Learn to bounce light off your subject

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