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Satine Pheonix

Satine Pheonix

I had the pleasure to shoot satine Pheonix right after she received her new tattoo, we had alot of amazing shots this day. this is just one of my favorites

Elena Vladi for Divamp Couture

Elena Vladi for Divamp Couture

There are few as beautiful as Elena one of my favorite girls to work with

Damage Dolly

Let Me introduce you to Miss Damage Dolly or as I call her Allison. I was very blessed to get to meet Allison when she moved to LA and Can happily say she became one of my dearest friends . Allison suffered from one of the rarest cases of Chrons Disease and on account of
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New work with the Incredible Bird Mountain

I had an amazing time working with Bird one of the most fun and beautiful new girls to grace the web . find more of her at

A classic Portrait @satinephoenix

Here is a shot never seen of my love Satine Pheonix one of my all time favorite models to work with . enjoy 🙂  

Melyssa Marie from MTV”S Electric Barberellas

Justine marie